5 business advantages of employee corporate wellness

by Alex Stavropoulos


A healthy mind in a healthy body is a mantra that has stood the test of time.

With most of our adult lives spent at work, it can be difficult to carve out enough time for training. Business owners who care about their employees can create an in-office gym or even implement other wellness solutions if space is limited or simply not available.  Besides showing their employees they care about them, there are numerous benefits to corporate wellness programs.


Introducing a staff health and fitness system will encourage a healthier workforce as regular exercises can boost the immune system and reduce the amount of sick days that employees take. The company will also benefit as healthy people can spend more time at work, saving you health-related costs.


Any organisation will have its share of high-pressure days, and employees can easily get stressed out by the changes. Going to the gym releases endorphins and boosts mood and morale. Besides losing weight and lowering blood pressure, the norepinephrine hormones which are released during exercise can help your brain function better.


A healthy and happy employee is happy to work. Adding gym equipment to the office can help show your employees that the organisation cares about them, and thus reduces turnover and increases employee retention.


Fitness experts state that working in a team can reduce the risk that unhappy employees quit. Corporate wellness can help improve the team connection by providing employees a different location where to interact and discuss projects during group exercises.


Healthy employees will not call out sick or stay home. This will reduce costs as between 70%-90% of healthcare spending is caused by problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

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