5 ideas to boost team morale and productivity

by Keith Bezzina


We prioritise the person who will spend most of their waking hours within spaces we provide.

It might sound painfully obvious, but you really shouldn’t stick people with different backgrounds and different aims in the same office environment and expect them to thrive equally. However, a quick look around you might just prove that the exact opposite tends to be the case. The problem is that many office design concepts have become so common that they’re implemented without second thought in every workspace. 

Yet, forcing a uniform aesthetic and structural design across the company building is idealistic at best, and extremely harmful to productivity and wellbeing at worst. 

And can you think of an employer who wants disgruntled and disengaged workers punching in every day? Neither do we! 

Here are our five guiding principles for happier and more productive offices: 

1. Customise each workspace to the team members using it; 

2. Increase natural light through the use of glass; 

3. Windows are for everyone not just the people in the corner office! Leave some open space along the exterior; 

4. Strike a balance between privacy and open, communal areas 

5. Add interactivity to your walls by hanging chalkboards, whiteboards, noticeboards and glass with plenty of pins, sticky notes and erasable writing tools to promote idea sharing in a visual and collaborative manner. 

Is it time your office got a facelift? Better still, let’s cheer it up and make it a place where people can work together in a stimulating and interactive environment.