New updates on acoustic vinyl flooring.

by Forbo Flooring Systems


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Forbo Flooring Systems introduces a new collection of high traffic acoustic vinyl for both glued and loose lay installation

Sarlon 15dB, Sarlon 19dB, Modul’up 19dB and Modul’up compact:
A very large collection of over 90 colours with new designs and new colours. What is most unique? All colours are available in all 4 constructions. Acoustic, Compact, Glued and Loose lay, that means more than 360 possibilities.

Diversity, better together.

This goes without saying for this huge range. The uniqueness cannot only be found in the fact that it is available in four constructions but also the designs themselves connect. The kubik design for instance has parts of other designs like the doodle incorporated. But also colours are highly aligned and mix and match in every way.

The products themselves have already a proven track record. Sarlon 15dB is known for the best compromise on acoustic and high load requirements. Low residual indentation, suitable for heavy loads. 15dB acoustic performance for additional comfort. The same goes for the 19dB version, although focused on sound absorption, the residual indentation still performs at the highest level for a 19dB product.

Modul’up loose lay brought to the next level.

The unique proposition of an adhesive free floor was already in the collection of Forbo Flooring Systems but now, due to its success, grown to a real category of its own. The collection grew massively in terms of design and with the acoustic and the compact constructions there is a solution for all types of buildings. Modul’up comes in two versions; 19dB and compact. Loose lay flooring is matching the sustainability goals, a circular product that can be taken out and reused or recycled after use. The installation is fast and even faster when the replacement is like for like (loose lay for loose lay). If preferred there is no downtime so for instance stores can stay open while the floor is being installed and you can immediately walk on it.

Xtrem PUR lacquer

A new lacquer with high performance surface protection based on double (laser + UV) curing technology has been developed for these products. It ensures the ultimate protection against stains, scratches and scuff and leaves a beautiful matt finish. It remains beautiful over time even in high traffic or demanding areas.

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