An Ergonomic Chair Works Wonders

by Keith Bezzina

An Ergonomic Chair Works Wonders

Invest in the right office chair for your employees; one that will impact a healthy posture and a clear mind while focusing on the task at hand.

When setting up a new office or refurbishing a current space, it is important to spend a significant amount of time in choosing ergonomic swivel chairs of top quality. 

An ergonomic office chair is made up of a series of components that come together to create a masterpiece of design that improves worker physical health and as a result, increase productivity. 

Synchronised Mechanism: The chair automatically adapts to the user’s body weight and movements when leaning back without additional manual adjustments.  

Adjustable Lumbar Support: Adapts to the natural curve of the spine to alleviate back pain. Some models are equipped with firmness control that make the lumbar support sturdier or softer.  

Seat Depth Adjustment: Everyone is uniquely shaped, so adjusting the seat depth allows employees to customise their seat to meet their physical requirements. 

Adjustable Armrests: In 2D or 3D options, they should allow the user’s arms to rest comfortably and shoulders to be relaxed. The forearm should not be on the armrest while typing. 

Swivel and Wheels: Sometimes taken for granted, an ergonomic chair should easily rotate and move about so users can reach different areas of their desk without causing any strain. 

Breathability and Comfort: Select fabrics that allow air to flow through the back and seat to avoid feeling hot. The seat should have enough padding to prevent aches and pains. 

Vivendo can assist you in picking the perfect chair for yourself or your employees depending on the nature of work, physical requirements, budget and interior solutions. To top it off, we are giving a desk with every chair for just €1.