New collection in flooring: Flotex planks.

by Forbo


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Forbo Flooring Systems has refreshed its Flotex Planks range with a comprehensive collection of sophisticated designs. Inspired by two distinct themes: Surfaces and Textures, the designs allow the creation of stunning flooring schemes, ranging from colourful and complex layouts to minimal, understated elegance.

The new range consists of 96 colourways across 11 designs, all of which have been split across two design families: Surfaces and Textures. Surfaces is inspired by natural materials, and includes designs such as Wood, Concrete and Seagrass, as well as Marble, Ombré and Montage, which are new for 2021. Visually familiar yet texturally different, Marble challenges perceptions and pushes boundaries; Ombré is a strongly textile, subtly textured design shading from dark to light for a calming ambience; and the textural layers create a complex pattern with an elegant and contemporary feel for Montage.

The Textures collection is influenced by graphic, geometric and textile patterns and comprises the all-new Converge, Frameweave and Refract, as well as the established favourites, Triad and Box-Cross. Converge features areas of pattern which join at different angles creating unusual facets to form abstract shapes; and the subtle Frameweave design is inspired by rich woven fabric, combined with a graphical layout. Finally, Refract is a contrasting pattern made of textures which has depth, movement and energy.

Although the designs in the Surfaces and Textures collections are different, the colours are tonally similar. This allows colours to be used on their own, mixed and matched with colours from within the same range or to be combined with different designs to create individual floors. This new Flotex range can also be used for zoning or to aid wayfinding around a building.

Chris Rand, Senior Marketing Executive at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: “With the trend for modular flooring continuing to rise, Flotex Planks provides a viable alternative to carpet tiles, LVT or vinyl in commercial spaces thanks to its design flexibility and unrivalled performance attributes. Neither a true textile, nor a resilient flooring, its unique dense fibre construction combines the best of both worlds.

“The plank format also provides advanced design capabilities, which offer a more contemporary aesthetic compared to traditional square tiles, and allows laying patterns such as herringbone and chevron patterns to be fashioned with ease. It is the ideal solution for offices and higher education, as well as in high-traffic areas such as retail, care, leisure and hospitality.”

With over 70 million fibres per square metre, Flotex offers the warmth, comfort and acoustic properties of a textile floor covering combined with outstanding durability and cleanability. It also has zero phthalates and is the only textile to hold the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™. What’s more, Flotex Planks provides both low in-room impact noise performance as well as good impact sound reduction (19 dB), helping to create quieter, comfortable and healthier environments.

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