Please, Have a Seat

by Francesca Puglisi

Please, Have a Seat

The history of the Panton Chair dates back to the 1950s, when Danish designer Verner Panton developed the idea of a plastic cantilever chair. However, manufacturers did not want to pursue this daring concept, claiming it wasn’t stable enough to sit on. 

Willi and Rolf Fehlbaum from Vitra, were interested in the concept and in 1963 they started collaborating with Verner Panton, performing a number of tests, creating designs and prototypes over several years. The project was put on hold when the discovery of a new thermoplastic material resulted in being far less resistant to ageing, causing the chairs to break and threatening Vitra’s image.  

‘Vitra believed in the idea.’ 

Further advancements in plastics technology and new injection moulding options inspired Vitra and Panton to pick up the project again in the 1990s, developing a new version made of polypropylene. Thirty years after the initial market launch, one of Panton’s key goals was finally reached: the plastic chair as an affordable industrial product. 

The original version of the chair with a glossy lacquer finish is marketed today under the name Panton Chair Classic. 

Furnish your home with an icon of the twentieth century and add a touch of elegance to your accessory collection.  

This Summer, Vivendo is giving a complimentary Eames House Bird with the purchase of 2 Panton Chair Classics.