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Catena Media

Catena Media launched in 2012 and has in a short time grown to become one of the most successful online lead generation companies in the iGaming industry. With offices in three locations across Europe, including their head office in Malta, they employ over 250 members of staff. Vivendo Wellness was chosen to set up a fully-equipped gym and fitness area for their local offices. The new gym comes as a welcome addition to Catena Media’s office space. As a company with a big focus on workplace culture, as well as being winners of the iGaming Idol Employer of the Year 2017 award, it is expected that the new gym will help staff improve their fitness, as well as get their endorphins pumping.

The brief for this project was to create a functional space, furnished with fitness equipment that allows users to perform short workouts while maximizing intensity. By focusing on this type of workout, Catena Media’s employees can stay on top of their fitness, without necessarily affecting their regular working day.

There were two challenges that presented themselves at the planning stage. Firstly, the area was slightly restricted, so ensuring that all the space was used efficiently and to its full potential was an important aspect to consider. Secondly, there were some logistic issues around the delivery of items due to the location of the gym on the top floor of the building. Despite these difficulties, all the equipment was delivered and installed in one day.

push to the

"Thanks to our previous experience with corporate companies, Vivendo Wellness was able to understand the need for, and importance of functionality both for the benefit of the staff, as well as managers and directors. By using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), staff members could use the machine for short bursts and really push to the maximum. "
Stefano Borg
Wellness Solutions Manager

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