Project Overview

Operational Workstations
Acoustic Fabric Screens
Ergonomic Seating
Meeting Tables


QuickSpin is a Swedish Casino game software company that prides itself on providing innovative games developed with style and flair. Its products are constantly changing and evolving to meet shifting market demands, and the same can be said for its main office in Malta. Quickspin tasked Vivendo Workspaces to supply new furniture for its office, including desks with screens, ergonomic swivel chairs, and a fully furnished boardroom, and designer pieces for the welcome area such as a coffee table and Panton chairs from the Vitra brand.

Vivendo worked hand in hand with the client’s architect Bernard Vella (il-Periti) to deliver a space at the St Julian’s office that relates to the main headquarters in Sweden but is also adapted to the local scene in Malta. Quickspin was focused on the aesthetic of the interior, needing it to be welcoming for their own clients visiting the offices. Furthermore, they also wanted to fit the space with furniture that was both comfortable and easy for staff to use on a daily basis to ensure the smoothest of work operations.

Architect: Il-Periti 


— Furniture of quality.
"Vivendo offers office furniture of quality. QuickSpin was very pleased with the outcome of our work. Our relationship was clear and smooth, and we both able to cater to the client's needs together. This is a winner."
Bernard Vella

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