Project Overview

Pure Strength Machine
Kinesis One Forma Bikes
Forma Treadmills
Element Easy Chin Dip Machine
Free Weight Dumbbells & Rack


StudioFifteen is a boutique fitness centre located in the heart of St Andrew’s Swieqi, providing clients with a variety of services including entertaining fitness classes, personal training, as well as a juice bar and healthy snacks. Vivendo Group was selected as the main supplier of Technogym fitness equipment for this newly opened centre. Our team also coordinated all onsite logistics pertaining to the correct placement of equipment in the available area, as well as other work on the facility as required by the client. Set on the busy St Andrew’s Street in Swieqi, which sees a heavy influx of traffic daily, it was imperative that all equipment was moved into the new premises in a careful but efficient manner. Our team paid special attention to the spacing of the machines during this project. The floor plan of the client’s new centre was not too large, so it was crucial that all the area was maximised to its full potential. Another issue to consider was the fact that our client selected Disc Loaded Strength machines from the Pure Strength Range, which require even more space due to the option to load and unload weights.

Executed by Vivendo Wellness

Powered by Technogym

sleek and
bold designs

"Our team managed to meet the client’s values and expectations, creating a warm fitness centre where the equipment fits in with the existing interiors. The smaller size of the premises gives this project a more intimate feeling for users, without compromising on the overall sleek and bold designs."
Stefano Borg
Wellness Solutions Manager at Vivendo Group

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