Wellness Beyond Four Walls

by Stefano Borg

Wellness Beyond Four Walls

Technology is rapidly changing the way we get fit. Innovations in connectivity and tracking are creating new opportunities inside and outside of the gym environment. We’ve never had so much information at our fingertips to be able to monitor our wellness 24-7, 365 days of the year. 

Training gets Personal 

The Wellness Cloud, is driven by the desire to create a holistic view of your health and well being, aggregating data from apps, gym machines and other devices, so that whether you’re in the gym or cycling to work, you can record, measure and fine tune your whole lifestyle. 

The new technology offers a great opportunity for consumers and the industry. It allows the industry to reach more people and it’s a great opportunity for gym clubs to connect with members even when they’re training outside the club. 

If a personal trainer is willing to embrace technology there’s a real opportunity to extend their potential client base and give their customers a better range of fitness options no matter where they are in the world. 

Technogym’s Cloud Innovations 

The launch of Unity, the world’s first Android 4.0-powered console for cardio equipment, the MyWellness Cloud have created the Technogym Ecosystem, allowing users worldwide to connect with their personal wellness anytime and anywhere.  

Connecting what these gym goers do indoors with what they do the rest of the time has huge potential. Smart gyms, like those using Technogym’s internet-connected equipment, enable all of the customer’s workout data to be recorded in the cloud. So you can log in and see how the session has gone, alter your client’s plan according and offer advice and support from afar. 

The Personal Trainer Of The Future 

As a personal trainer, you will have to adapt to a new array of tech-powered tools at your disposal. From an iPad or PC, you can create custom workouts by simply dragging and dropping exercises into a client’s programme. Each exercise can be assigned a How to video to demonstrate a correct technique. 

The suite of tools also lets you monitor the progress of clients with stats from each workout, long term trends like weight loss and body fat also feeding directly into a single page. If you notice that they haven’t trained recently, you can contact them at the click of a button to give them some extra motivation or guidance.