Why Acoustics Matter

by Keith Bezzina


We prioritise the person who will spend most of their waking hours within spaces we provide.

As working professionals increase the hours they spend at the office, it is critical to business owners to have an office that serves as both a workspace and a place of refuge for their employees. A lack of foreplanning can create an office that is difficult to spend any length of time in, particularly for employees on the sensitive side.

One area of improvement to look into is acoustic ceiling systems. Soundproofing your office may seem extreme, however noisy offices have been shown to correlate with an increase in stress levels, heightened blood pressure, and an increased heart-rate. Employees spending all of their time in the office will find themselves increasingly stressed out and distracted, thus leading to up to 70% more sick days than employees with non-open plan offices or adequate soundproofing.

Similarly, conversations throughout an open plan office can be very distracting, while completely silent office can heighten tension as employees try not to make a single sound. The best of both worlds is an acoustic solution that can take the edge off of some of the noise, while still retaining the collaborative spirit of a workplace.

Furthermore, acoustic office furniture can offer privacy in meeting rooms or private offices, and ensure that conversations on a need to know basis are only on a need to know basis and won’t spread throughout the office.

Finally, acoustic furniture can add a stylish, uplifting addition to any office environment due to their range of colour and design. From padded furniture to ceiling grids, meeting pods to panels, acoustic ceiling systems can improve an otherwise dry and corporate office with a touch of colour and style.

If you’re interested in soundproofing your office, our Workspaces team is ready to help strike the perfect acoustic balance for your workspace.

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