5 tips for choosing the ideal flooring for your office.

by Keith Bezzina


We prioritise the person who will spend most of their waking hours within spaces we provide.

Not all flooring types are created equally, and picking the right kind of flooring to put into your office is as important as choosing furniture and paint-colours.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Office traffic and room type

Depending on the amount of traffic that your office sees, certain types of flooring might be better suited. Carpeting and hardwood are luxurious, however an office which sees a lot of foot traffic would do better with more long-lasting options.


Tile or vinyl flooring is easy to wipe, easy to replace, long-wearing, and can be inexpensive while also difficult to distinguish from more expensive, but finicky, materials such as marble and hardwood.

Hardwood flooring, while more durable than carpeting, needs daily upkeep, which can prove difficult to maintain for small companies.

If you’d like a showpiece flooring, there’s always polished cement, a hard-wearing flooring that’ll lend an air of modernity to your office.

Aesthetic and style

Flooring should complement the rest of your office space. A mismatched floor will definitely draw the eye, and therefore you’ll want something that completes the room.

Never leave your flooring as an afterthought when designing your office.

Office sound

Make sure to pick flooring that has some sound-muffling properties to allow your employees to work in peace.

Know your budget

Flooring itself is never cheap, and industrial flooring is even more expensive, as it is built to last. Similarly, cement, stone, and wood, while beautiful, have a high cost both for supply and for installation, as they require experts to install properly.

If you’re struggling to find a floor that suits your style, budget, and requirements, our team at Vivendo Workspaces can help work with you to narrow down your choices.

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