Work — WITH US

Vivendo creates spaces that look good and feel great for everyone who spends any amount of time there.
We do this by nurturing a team of experts who, by a clever combination of experience and intuition, walk hand in hand with our clients to craft environments worth living in.



I share, I care,
I’m purposeful,
I’m honest,
and I’m always




You show up. This does not mean dressing up and heading to work. It means that we like it when you bring your personality and your unique character to work.

You look out. You’re part of a team. Look out for your colleagues. When you’re at work they’re like your family and we care for each other. Sometimes you need a little extra patience or a kind word and sometimes someone else does.

You grow (But not grow up). You have your personal goals. Share these with everyone who can help you achieve them. Even if it means you want to shave a few minutes off your marathon timing, let others know. There is more to life than what you do at work.

Corporate Social

Here at Vivendo Group, we have launched our CSR wing in 2018 by setting up a dedicated team of individuals who will be driving this change. Our aim is to contribute to projects that improve Malta’s social well-being such as public housing, social cases, animal welfare and more. We are also undertaking a full-scale analysis of our operations to reduce our long-term carbon footprint. 

To find out more or get in touch to collaborate, send an email to csr@vivendo.mt.

Our own workspace.

Corporate wellness is a part of our core. We all know and understand that employees are the most important investment a business can make. Keeping this in mind, we've designed our own environment with purpose and comfort for our team.