All you need to know when ordering your doors

by Philippa Cassar


We prioritise the person who will spend most of their waking hours within spaces we provide.

Doors are essential for a peaceful environment. As well as muffling sounds, doors can help delineate one area from another and pull a space together. Here’s what to consider when buying doors.

1. Material

Depending on the kind of environment and aesthetic you have, there is a wealth of materials which can fit. Doors can be wooden, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, or vinyl, as well as blended materials.

2. Durability and longevity

Doors still need maintenance and upkeep, and ideally your door will last for decades. It’s sensible to invest in a higher-priced door at the outset that will need minimum or zero maintenance costs in the long-term. Make sure that the material fits the aesthetic of your office, that it provides safety and insulation, and you’re good to go.

3. Noise protection

As the world becomes increasingly noisier, it is helpful to invest in double-glazing and noise protection and cut down on the noise pollution surrounding your place of work or rest. Sound insulation can improve your quality of living exponentially.

4. Security

Security is an issue entrenched in the environment surrounding you. Updating your office or hotel security is one option you can take, however also make sure that your door can withstand the efforts of an intruder. Besides raising the business’ value, it’s also helpful for that extra peace of mind.

4. Fire-safety

Fire-rated doors come with a general building code approval. Different types of buildings will have different regulations according to their function be it an office, hotel, school or hospital. The most common fire-proof range are EI 30 or  EI 60 meaning having Fire Resistance properties of 30 or 60 mins.

5. Quality installation

Installation is a key aspect of a correctly functioning door, particularly for the exterior. An experienced door installation technician should make sure that the door is fitted correctly, and one can normally be provided by the company from which you’ve ordered the door from.

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