Tips on how to be Environmentally Sustainable in the Workplace

by Philippa Cassar


We prioritise the person who will spend most of their waking hours within spaces we provide.

Every day is Earth Day. That’s the approach entities and enterprises need to take if we’re serious about overcoming the climate crisis this planet faces.

Transforming your workspace into an eco-friendly office won’t be an arduous task, and your company (and the planet) will be reaping the benefits in the long term. You can even set up a Green Committee to help implement the logistics, and nurture a greener culture within the team. Here are a few tips for building a sustainable office environment:

Go paperless

Less demand for paper means less trees will need to be chopped down. It will slash printing costs, and also decrease the need to recycle paper in the first place. What can be read and edited on a screen can stay right where it is.

Recycling stations

Make it easy for your workforce to recycle responsibly. Install clearly labelled recycling stations that instruct employees correctly on what goes where, and what can’t be recycled.

Indoor plants

Thanks to the process of transpiration, plants remove heat from the air and cool your surroundings, reducing the need for air-conditioning. Plants will also purify the air and brighten up your corporate space. You can also set up a composting station that will reduce food waste and sustain your plants.

Go veggie

When it comes to events, encourage a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle by presenting a veggie-vegan menu. You could also use natural plants which people can take home, as opposed to freshly-cut flowers.

Technological upgrades

Get your workforce into the habit of unplugging their electrical equipment at the end of the day, as opposed to just shutting down their devices. You can also invest in laptops rather than PCs, and these consume less energy and require less parts when manufactured.

Remote working

Minimise commutes by encouraging video conferences and a hybrid work week. You may also incentivise public transport, and champion a carpooling culture among your team.

Eco-friendly collaborations

Choose to work exclusively with third parties that have sustainable goals of their own, or who supply certified products such as FSC-certified furniture and paper.

Photo by Mir Ali on Unsplash