Interview with Inese Refalo, Turning Pages.

by Philippa Cassar


For an industry that goes back three millennia, we’re ambitious to think we can innovate but that has never stopped us.

Can furniture be both functional and artistic?

To find out, we’ve recently spoken to Inese Refalo, the creator of the Turning Page Lounge Chair and a team member at Vivendo.

Inese set off on a mission to create a versatile seating solution that would be well-placed in both commercial spaces and private residences. Seeking inspiration from nature, she developed a lounger that, just like a sturdy tree trunk, has a solid wood base.

Upon this base rests a flexible seating space made up of 10 upholstered foam sheets. These can be bent and adjusted to suit individual needs. This chair is not only functional but also serves as an attractive piece of art inspired by the tranquillity and the inspiration provided by trees.

These qualities were especially felt by Inese during her three-year backpacking adventure around the world. During this trip, she would often take advantage of the shade offered by trees to sit down and sketch, write notes, or simply take in her beautiful surroundings.

Inese shared her idea with the Vivendo team which, in turn, offered to sponsor the production of the prototype.

The Turning Pages Lounge Chair was then submitted to Charette Starchitect’s Chair 2022. This is a prestigious architectural competition that awards the world’s next iconic chairs. Whilst the submission did not result in an award, it did receive an honourable mention from the adjudicating panel.

We help our team members to unleash their potential.

Part of Inese’s furniture design skills stems from her young career at Vivendo. For the past three years, she has worked as a Customised Solutions Specialist mainly in the office furniture unit. She recently took on a similar role in the hospitality unit and this has allowed her to have hands-on experience in large-scale projects and commercial endeavours.

Follow her work on Instagram: @ineserefalodesign.