A chat with Angele Satariano, Active Spirit

by Philippa Cassar


A healthy mind in a healthy body is a mantra that has stood the test of time.

We recently sat down with Angele Satariano to talk about how athletics helped shape her life in more ways than she ever imagined.

Angele was introduced to the world of athletics at the age of nine. She showed promise from the very beginning, winning the Malta Road Running League. However, at 14 years of age, she stopped competing and led a rather sedentary lifestyle for a few years.

At 17, her journey into athletics and fitness resumed. Initially, the main motivator was weight loss, but eventually, her journey would transform her life and career. As with anyone who wishes to lose weight, Angele began eating healthier and began walking, jogging, and Pilates.

By the age of 26, she decided to leave her successful, 8-year career in accounting and make fitness her life. Shortly afterwards, she opened Active Spirit Studio and got back into competitive running.

Angele realised that in order to embrace a healthy lifestyle, she would need to redefine the meaning of wellness. For starters, she took on a holistic approach that includes a healthy body, a healthy mind, and most importantly, a balanced lifestyle.

A healthy body is one that is nourished with healthy food and plenty of physical activity. Having a healthy mind can be trickier, but it involves believing in yourself and not being ashamed to ask for help whenever you need it.

However, Angele also believes that whilst healthy eating is vital to living well, it’s important to have a balance and enjoy the ‘less healthy’ foods which you love every once in a while. Even enjoy a drink with friends and take time off training.

Active Spirit Studio is helping people live better.

Angele attended the master trainer course held at the Technogym wellness centre in 2022. There, she discovered how this fitness brand develops equipment that is designed to make exercise effective. Just as importantly, the equipment has a way of making exercise appealing, and this is vital in ensuring consistency in training.

Through discipline and the right equipment, living a healthier lifestyle becomes less challenging over time.

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