Docklands Dock-In Bays

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The Dock-In Bays are screened-off bays for stormy periods at the office and a central element of the DOCKLANDS, the new furniture typology for open spaces. As a shared private space, they offer a temporary, alternative workspace for individual, focused work. Their appealing design, combined with the acoustic and visual screens, ensure a high level of comfort while working. The Dock-In Bays offer a wide range of uses for space planning and structuring without interfering with the building’s structure.

The Dock-In Bays are available as a single workspace or as two-person units and allow for a variety of configurations – face-to-face, side-by-side or back-to-back – with an unlimited number of multiplications. They are available in two dimensions with the table sizes of 100 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm. Practical accessories like clothes hangers and table lamps – developed with Nimbus – help to keep order in even the smallest space. A desk shelf with presence indicator shows whether the workstation is vacant or occupied. The DOCKLANDS product family is completed by the Service Dock, as well as the Coat Rack and the Phone Booth.

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