ECOstrong Acoustic Panels

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5 years
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ECOstrong is a sound absorbing thermoformed panel, but not only. In fact, this product allows for punctual deliveries but also for creating systems. With the same panel, wall and ceiling corrective actions can be implemented, thanks to the distribution of panels applied with suction cups, magnets or cables, or created self-supporting self-supporting, practical and colorful totems. But in case of openspace? ECOstrong becomes an element of a modular system that allows you to create workstations and separators that are 3D-looking, pleasing to the eye and highly performing. ECOstrong, like all ECOline panels, is extremely lightweight and suitable for any type of environment where acoustic comfort is desired. ECOstrong is a versatile tool for the designer, who wants to give life to his own design in freedom, guaranteeing a comfortable sound effect.

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