ECOdesk Acoustic Furniture

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ECOdesk is a sound absorbing panel created for desk application. Thank you, at 20 cm step, ECOdesk is able to meet multiple dimensional requirements, ranging from smaller to larger ones. The 40 and 60 cm height, which can also be combined, allows to define different degrees of interrelation and impedance, the element of the latter, which is of paramount importance, especially in the design of large open spaces with team-space collaboration forms. ECOdesk evolves from the desk floor integrating into space to define real privacy areas, thanks to combined desktop or freestanding components. ECOdesk_free is a very handy, extremely lightweight product, designed to delimit areas in a pleasant and colorful way, increasing their acoustic comfort. Just because of its aesthetic value, ECOdesk is also strongly demanded in its Vertical and Horizontal Baffle version to tone and correct sound waves at the same time, always twisting the eye to a harmonious and appealing design result.

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