Season Slim Chair

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Season Slim is the right project for those are looking for a seat with a simple design and high technical contents. Season Slim can be equipped to your liking and according to the needs of your working environment with the possibility of choosing between high or low back, standard and “Extralarge” seat, assorted mechanisms and type of structures. High versatility without losing research in materials and care of the craftsmanship. Season Slim is characterized by a soft and slim upholstery with horizontal and parallel stitching. Comfortable, pleasing to the touch and view conveys research and elegance to each seats. Available by choosing between normal or “Extralarge” seat , with different tilt mechanisms and structures, the low backrest version creates the ideal solution for executive environment, as guest chairs, meeting and conference room.

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Kindly note that the ‘starting from price’ may not reflect the product image but refers to the basic model within the product range.