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Pure Strength Machine
Dumbbells and rack
Cardio Machinery
Group Cycle


Vivendo Wellness worked hand-in-hand with Chic Physique Studio on the relocation of the latter to Naxxar’s state-of-the-art Hilltop Gardens Residential Complex. The choice of location is an apt one considering that CHIC Physique’s philosophy revolves around mental and emotional wellness over and above that physical. Hilltop’s ultramodern yet soothing environment is conducive towards this. This is mainly possible due to the fitness centre’s designated 500 sqm space that takes full advantage of abundant natural lighting and attractive surroundings. Chic Physique makes effective use of the space by segmenting it into Pure Strength, Easyline, ARKE, Omnia, group cycling as well as a cardio area. The layout was designed with functionality in mind, one that allows for structure and personalisation in the patrons’ training regimens based on years of experience in the business.

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"Adam Curry expressed his satisfaction, both in the relocation services offered by the TechnoGym team and in the quality of the equipment. His confidence in these machines spurs from a career spanning twenty-plus years, during which, he's worked with this brand's tools. "The move", Curry says, "mixed a lot of new into the old formula as the Kinesis machine has been upgraded and the entire Pure Strength section has been replaced with new counterparts. However, Skillmill is the real show-stopper. It's a slick piece of engineering that doesn't only look the part; it allows the user to regulate speed without tweaking any manual controls. ""
Adam Curry
Chief Instructor

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