Project Overview

Cardio Equipment
Strength Benches
Free weights
Functional Equipment
Punching bag


A new gym was installed on the premises of Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). Born out of a collaboration between Vivendo Wellness and CVC Architecture, the new office gym is equipped for high-intensity interval training, allowing staff to complete their workouts in no-time, ensuring that the work (and blood) keeps flowing.

Being an office gym, it had to cater to the needs of staff during office hours. Vivendo Wellness analysed the needs of staff and was able to determine that the ideal solution would be to stock the premises with a mix of cardio and strength machines of the client’s choice.

The time slots for staff to train during office hours is limited, which is why Technogym focused on providing machines for high-intensity interval training, while also providing options for cardio and free-weights – for variety.

Designed by CVC Architecture Studio

Executed by Vivendo Wellness

Powered by Technogym


"The machines provided are for high-intensity interval- training, while also providing options for cardio and free weights for variety. This way, the staff don’t need more than an hour for a good workout."
Stefano Borg
Wellness Solutions Manager

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