Project Overview

Acoustic wall solutions


Vivendo have provided wooden wall panelling from Spigotec to MAPFRE Middlesea‘s recently renovated conference room in Floriana. Their acoustic quality offers an optimum level of easy communication and privacy leaving room for better concentration.

In this project, DHI Periti have opted to go for the model ‘Leo 32’ in oak finish. This model is made of melamine with a thickness of 12mm and comes with circular perforations and an acoustic black veil on the back. It is damp-proof, easy to clean, impact-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to install and dismantle. The wooden material creates warmth, but it can also be exploited up to its most technical capacity to suit a variety of styles and finishes for walls and ceilings. This quality also allows it to be applied in different spaces including public venues, offices, theatres, auditoriums and hospitals.

Average absorption coefficient:
Low frequency α = 0,63
Medium frequency α = 0,48
High frequency α = 0,20
0,433 / NRC 0,55 (Noise Reduction Coefficient)

Acoustics executed by Vivendo Workspaces

Designed by DHI Periti


"We create spaces that not only look good but work well."
Keith Bezzina
Sales & Commercial Manager, Vivendo

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