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Vivendo Wellness has just completed the creation of the Santa Lucia Physio Clinic.

The Santa Lucia Physio Clinic is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured athletes and has been created specifically around the requests of Joseph St John, the clinic owner and physiotherapist. A frequent user of the brand Technogym, Joseph St. John approached Vivendo to create a custom space for his clients to recover in that would heavily utilise Technogym.

The facility was planned out in 3D with Joseph St. John, and implemented over a period of two days, for both delivery and installation. As the space was on the smaller side, careful consideration was taken to allow ample space around each machine for clients to work in comfort.

Head of Vivendo Wellness, Stefano, states, “since the facility is fully dedicated to rehabilitation of injured athletes, I proposed items which are more frequently requested in the sportive industry, like the Skillmill.” Other items selected also included the Recline bike, which has back support and helps with lower-body rehabilitation.

Executed by Vivendo Wellness

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"I am very satisfied with the final result, but I am even more satisfied with the positive comments my clients are forwarding."
Joseph St John
Owner & Physiotherapist

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