MODUS Acoustic Panels

14 - 16 weeks
5 years
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MODUS acoustic panels will improve your working environment and workplace well-being by absorbing background noise and by creating acoustically private spaces as well as bringing character to the interior space. Select from from six different sizes and mix and match different panel depths (40 or 70 mm) and fabric colours. The main purpose of acoustic panels is to reduce reverberation (echo) to a maximum extent possible and to absorb noise, in this way improving acoustic comfort. The panels contain a special patented and certified material designed to efficiently absorb sound. MODUS acoustic panels offer class C sound absorption. The acoustic panel system includes wall panels, ceiling (horizontal) panels, and ceiling (vertical, double-sided) panels. One-sided panels are creative solutions for an efficient work environment which ensures acoustic comfort. These panels can be mounted on walls or suspended from the ceiling at different heights. Double-sided panels offer a convenient way to structure interior spaces, reduce reverberation and improve office acoustics. You can choose acoustic panels with different fabric colours on each side to create your own unique interior design.

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