Modus Light Acoustic Panels

14 - 16 weeks
5 years
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MODUS Light are lightweight, sound-absorbing wall and ceiling panels that improve office acoustics and serve as an inspiring and functional interior solution. This is particularly important for open-plan offices where employees are exposed to background noise which disrupts their concentration. Acoustic panels act as a sonic sponge that soaks up distracting sounds and reduces reverberant noise, providing acoustic comfort in your work environment. Panels are made of acoustic foam offering class A (for a 68 mm panel) or class C (for a 48 mm panel) sound absorption. Thanks to their lightweight design, these acoustic panels are easy to transport and easy to install. MODUS Light are available in three design options: wall and ceiling panels, hanging panels, and Armstrong ceiling panels (integrated or hanged on a wire rope). Implement your creative ideas by using acoustic panels of three different sizes and two different depths. You can also choose from our wide range of fabrics and a variety of colour options.

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