Fire Proof Doors

10 - 12 weeks
2 years
On Order


  • – Available in EI 30 / EI 60
  • – Fire resistance 30 min/ Fire resistance 60 min.
  • – Acoustic insulation rw=34 db* / Acoustic insulation rw=34 db*
  • – Hinges: two or three (EI 30); four (EI 30 soft, EI 60)
  • – Lock adapted for cylinder insert
  • – Fire-resistant transparent glass (fixed width, regardless of the door leaf’s size)
  • – Sealing strip which swelling under high temperatures in a door leaf
  • – Automatic threshold seal
  • – Door leaves in CPL HQ and Gladstone veneers with vertical edges protected with abs edge band.

Kindly note the following:

Sizes and prices are to be confirmed once site inspection is carried out by our surveyor.

The actual delivery timeframe of 12 weeks starts from confirmation of order and deposit of payment. It may vary depending on size, quantity, and finishes.

The total works include delivery and installation.