Fire Rated Doors

10 - 12 weeks
2 years
On Order


We provide a selection of quality commercial doors for interior or exterior projects in in offices, hospitality, medical and retail. Thanks to our trusted suppliers, we can offer a large range from different sizes to different materials and properties such as fire-proof doors with general building code approval or multifunctional steel doors, office doors, hotel doors, or anti-theft doors, suited to your business space.

Fire-Proof Door Range:

EI 30 – Fire Resistance 30 mins with an acoustic insulation of RW=34 DB*

EI 60 – Fire Resistance 60 mins with an acoustic insulation of RW=34 DB*

  • – Hinges: two or three (EI 30); four (EI 30 soft, EI 60)
  • – Lock adapted for cylinder insert
  • – Fire– resistant transparent glass (fixed width, regardless of the size of the door leaf)
  • – Sealing strip which swelling under high temperatures in a door leaf
  • – Automatic threshold seal
  • – Door leaves in CPL HQ and Gladstone veneers with vertical edges protected with abs edge band