Vivendo offers a variety of products and office solutions. Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic chair or a way to organise your own workspace at home, our team can guide you in setting up the ideal home office for the job.



Lol Task Chair

Lol is a task chair that is simple but functional, built to accompany the user throughout long hours, adapting to any environment requiring flexibility in design.

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Speed Task Chair

Speed is an operative chair always equipped with adjustable lumbar support. Innovative design, high performance and wide possibilities for customization.

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ID Mesh Task Chair

ID Mesh embodies technical transparency and lightness: fitted over a slender frame, the innovative spacer fabric has the translucent airiness of a net.

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Wellness Active Sitting Ball

Adding a stylish touch to every home and office, the Wellness Ball helps users work or rest in comfort while training their core muscles for better posture and stability.

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Sway Stool

The upper part of the stool swings and moves together with its user, so it can also be used as a support when standing. It is a perfect active sitting solution for dynamic work and cooperation areas.

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Nova Pedestal

NOVA lockable cabinets for storing your personal items or office supplies. Choose from our wide range to find the one that suits your needs best. We offer suspended cabinets, mobile under-desk cabinets or fixed desk-height cabinets.

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Nova U Desk

The functional desking system that allows you to choose different desk designs and adapt them to any office space. This version comes in two sizes W=1600 H=740 D=800mm or W=1400 H=740 D=800mm.

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Nova A Desk

NOVA is a range of functional desking systems that can be adapted to any space. This model is in pearl grey + white, with fixed pedestal (2 metal sided drawers) and central locking. W=1400 H=740 D=700 mm.

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One Height Adjustable Desk

Universal sit-stand desk system solutions are designed for a modern work environment. The electric adjustable desk is an indispensable tool in maintaining productivity and well-being.

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ViewGo Monitor Stand

Viewgo monitor arms give comfort and space. Freeing up valuable room on your desktop and letting you position your monitor the way you know you can work most effectively.

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Bento Box

Inspired by the Japanese lunch box, the Addit Bento® ergonomic toolbox neatly stores your personal items inside. It also ergonomically supports your favourite devices or documents.

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Toolbox - Vitra

Toolbox designed by Arik Levy, 2010, is a practical organiser. Used to store working materials and accessories, the grab-and-go storage caddy keeps everything easily accessible.

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Uni Cabinet

UNI cabinets are an excellent choice if you are looking for storage solutions that enable you to organize documents efficiently and help locate them quickly. It is designed for easy document archiving.

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Sun Coat Hanger

A practical addition to any office space, this modern and stylish coat stand comes in a metallic finish. With an umbrella holder ring (metal stand and plastic components)

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Nova U Desk Extension

The functional desking system that allows you to choose different desk designs and adapt them to any office space. The Nova U Desk Extension comes in w80xd60xh74cms.

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